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↳Fave KnB Move
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What Makoto uses his glasses for…

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get to know me:

female characters [2/5] - Momoi Satsuki

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Aaktsuki + Behind the Name 


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Colored by 

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That's the name of the one who will stand on top of you,
make sure to remember it.
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Every b r o k e n enemy will know 
That their opponent had to be invincible 
Take a last look around, while you're alive, 
I'm an indestructible 
Master of war
Another mission, the powers have called me away
Another time to carry the colors again
My motivation, an oath I've sworn to defend
To win the honor of coming back home again (x) 
 ↳ Fairy Tail girls in the Tartaros arc.
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